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Workshop: Clay Your Own Candle

Workshop: Clay Your Own Candle

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** Please Whatsapp us to confirmed the workshop date and time before or after the order placed*** 
Let Make a candle as easy as playing the clay


What's you get from the workshop?.
-Guaranteed 150g of formula wax. Make good use of wax and even make more than one candle

What's you learn from the workshop?
- Learn to use specially formulated wax, mix colors and make your own unique candles by hand
- No restrictions on styles, create whatever you want

Why us? 
- In order to make sure the quality of the class, we operate a small class from 1 to maximum 3 students per class. 
- flexible class date & time. 
- Teach by a certificated candle teacher from Korea and Taiwan. 

Where is the workshop held? 
- The workshop is accepted for onsite in our workshop. Nothing your need to prepare. 
- Online zoom workshop. Student need to prepare for some of the material and tools. We are mostly welcome student to order the course kit from us.

How long is the workshop? 
- It depends on the student's progress. The typical completion time is about 2.5 hours.

*Please feel free to contact us for reservation the working by  WhatsApp Now 

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