About Begleitan

"Begleitan" was established by its founder, who has had a passion for drawing and crafting since childhood, especially working with various types of clay.

During a difficult time in life, the shop owner chanced upon the art of candle sculpting, and was captivated and comforted by its appearance and fragrance. They dedicated themselves to studying different techniques and methods of candle making. In order to deepen their knowledge, they pursued various certification courses in candle making from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. In 2020, they founded "Begleitan." As their candle-making skills matured, they also incorporated clay decorations, heat-shrink accessories, and glass ornaments.

"Our favorite creations revolve around animal-themed sculptures, candles, and accessories. The main reason behind choosing animals as the theme is the founder's deep love and connection with furry companions. Pets are the most genuine and selfless companions to humans, bringing relaxation, happiness, and a sense of naturalness. Additionally, having experienced the loss of beloved pets during childhood, they aim to preserve the happy moments shared with pets or commemorate the departed little ones through their handmade crafts.

We mold and paint love from the world using our hands. We hope that the handcrafted pieces we create, just like our founding philosophy, can accompany and warm the hearts of our customers who receive our products. May our handiwork become the warmest gift.

Professional Qualifications:
- Certified Candle Artist Japan Candle Association (JCA)
- Instructor of Hástable Master Class
- Instructor of Hástable Leather Candle Class
- Instructor of HAS Cake Candle
- Instructor of Hástable Garnish Dessert Candle
- Instructor of Hástable Paper Craft Candle
- Instructor of Hástable Con-create
- Instructor of J Wisdom Baking Candle
- Instructor of CLAB Baking Candle
- Instructor of CLAB WAX PLANT Candle
- Instructor of CLAB WAX Flower Candle
- Instructor of Ddark Art Cake Candle
- Instructor of Soy Flower Candle (KNDA)
- Instructor of Plaster Paste Craft Expert (KHRA)
- Taiwan ACTW Simulation Food Candle Course
- Taiwan ACTW Simulation Pet Candle Course
- Taiwan ACTW Miniature Model Technique Specialization
- Taiwan 83 Studio Memorial Glasswork Class"

If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with, feel free to let me know!