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George Pin

George Pin

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George, a chubby Bear. Character created by Begleitan.

George born in the Arctic but has never seen the Northern Lights, now settled in Hong Kong. He is most afraid of hot summers. George is kind-hearted and likes to draw. Don't be misled by his chubby appearance, he actually doesn't enjoy eating much and even drinking water makes him gain weight easily.

This is an original illustration hand-drawn on a shrink film. Due to the hand-drawn nature of the shrink film, there may be slight differences between the actual product and the photo, which is considered normal. Shrink films are suitable for wearing on clothes, backpacks, or fabric bags. Each shrink film artwork is unique and packaged simply, making it a great gift for family or friends.

This product contains small objects and is not suitable for young children. The shrink film is treated to be moisture-resistant but not waterproof. Please do not wear the shrink film while bathing, swimming, or in high temperatures to maintain its perfect condition.

✦ Size Description
Approximately 4.8cm in height, 3.9cm in width.
Due to the hand-drawn and shrink process, the shipped size may vary slightly, please take note of this.

100% handmade with love :)

✦ Usage and Care Instructions
• Please handle with care. Shrink films are fragile and may break or scratch easily.
• Please use a damp cloth with a small amount of water to gently wipe off dirt.
• For stubborn stains, please use warm water and mild dish soap.

Every order is personally inspected and packaged, hoping that the friends who support Begleitan will be happy :)

✦ Origin/Manufacturing Method
Handmade in Hong Kong

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