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DIY Candle ToolKit Set A

DIY Candle ToolKit Set A

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 DIY ToolKit Set A

What's Included: 
Electric Stove  x1
Stainless Melting Pot 400ml (approx) x1
Infrared Digital Thermometer  x1

All Made In China 
More about Electric Stove 
1) Size21*21*7cm,Heating Plate around 15.5cm. It can better ensure the smooth use of the wax pot.
2) Warm reminder: Due to the high temperature, there will be a glue smell and even slight smoke when you use it for the first time. This is normal. After 2-3 times, the smell will disappear. 
3) Since we are purchasing on behalf of others, the product is a 2-pin plug. Customers can pay HK$50 for us to replace it with a 3-pin plug to avoid the trouble of using an adapter in the future**

usually shipped 5-7 days after placing the order.

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