Knowledge About Material - Wax

Knowledge About Material - Wax

You may got the information from others,  "Soy wax is natural, very good. " &  "Paraffin wax is toxic"...In fact, it is not fair to say so. Let me share the information for the popular wax before we we say so. 

1) Soy wax
As the name suggests, soy wax is made of soybeans. It is extracted from 100% soybeans. It is natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Because the melting point is low, approximately 48-55 degrees, the melted soy wax will not cause harmful effects on the skin when used. Too hot. And it’s a natural soy product, so some people use soy wax for skin care.

2) Bee Wax
Beeswax is 100% wax extracted from honeycombs. It can also be called beeswax. It is also natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is sticky and malleable. Because it contains a light honey aroma, you can choose whether to add essential oils. Yes The most expensive of the natural waxes.

3) Palm Wax
Palm wax is extracted from palm fruit. It is natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When it solidifies, it will appear like snowflakes or feather-like crystals, which is very special.

4) Jelly wax
Transparent, the texture is like jelly, very soft and elastic. Jelly wax is made by heating mineral oil and polymer in a certain proportion. The ingredients are complex and the melting point is high, so it is not recommended to add fragrance or essential oil.
Moreover, jelly wax is transparent. Usually, after adding fragrance or essential oil, jelly wax will become turbid. In addition, the oil content of jelly wax is very high, so we recommend that jelly wax products are only used for ornamental purposes, that is, they are only burned for a short period of time.

5) Paraffin
Also known as white wax and refined wax, it is a solid by-product of cold precipitation when refining lubricating oil. Paraffin is divided into crude paraffin / semi-refined / fully refined, that is Industrial paraffin (toxic) vs food grade paraffin (non-toxic). Conscientious candle makers generally use fully refined paraffin wax exported from Japan, which is a well-known food-grade paraffin wax in the candle industry. The fully refined paraffin oil exported from Japan has the lowest content, and the wax oil does not produce black smoke when ignited.

When making candles, in order to achieve the ideal shape, we use the above different wax materials. Although some are refined wax, they are still safe to burn. The natural waxes we commonly use, such as soy wax, palm wax, beeswax, etc., although it labeled as "Nature", but it still come with high quality and low quality. In addition, different fragrances and even wax wicks will be added during the candle making process, which will actually affect the performance of the candle. So in the future, when everyone hears soy wax, they will think that it must be good, and paraffin wax may not be bad. 

*Declare, all the wax we use are imported which is in food grade :)

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