Ways To Burn Candles Evenly

Ways To Burn Candles Evenly

Do you love candles but can’t stand the fact they usually don’t burn evenly?

Sometimes there’s a considerable amount of wax left, and yet you cannot burn it simply because the candle didn’t burn evenly.

✅ Best to burn for 2 – 3 hours after first use
"Wax has a burning memory." The first ignition moment is very critical. You must wait for the complete wax surface to burn out before extinguishing the candle. The best recommended time is 2 – 3 hours.

✅Keep the candle wick 3~5mm long
After the first use, the candle wick should be shortened every time, leaving 3~5mm long each time so that it will not produce too much black smoke when lit.

✅Use candle shades to keep candles lit
Use candles to create black smoke. The correct way to install a candle is to use a candle cover to directly cover the candle to its current state, or use a candle wick cutter and gently lean on the candle wick to reset it.

✅ Candle holders maintain even heat
Put a candle holder (candle holder) outside the candle, in addition to decorative purposes, to make the candle's heat more even and concentrated.

✅Put it in a ventilated place
There is no specific box location for candles, as long as they are placed in a ventilated place and within the range of activities, if burned in a secret room, it will cause fog in the room.
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